Utah Code Interlocal Agreement

iii) description of the powers, obligations and functions of the interlocal unit. 4. make available to staff when the host purchase entity makes available to the contracting entity the direct and indirect costs associated with making staff available in accordance with the agreement; or (2) To circumvent this chapter, a purchase entity cannot enter into a cooperative purchase agreement. (ii) describe the objectives of the public service for which the interlocal unit is created; and (1) to promote, implement or manage a cooperation agreement to: (i) declare that the legislative body intends to create an interlocal unit; (a) an interlocal unit described in subsection 11-13-203 (2); and (1) (a) public bodies may enter into contracts with each other and one or more public bodies may enter into agreements with an interlocal agency created under this chapter of contracts relating to the provision of services, activities or businesses, for the performance of the provision of services, activities or businesses, for the enforcement of any public body that executes the contract. 1. Two or more public bodies may enter into an agreement under this chapter: an agreement under this chapter only enters into force when it is submitted to the documents of each of the public bodies parties to the agreement. (d) any sub-division or political agency of another state or district of Columbia, including inter-communal cooperation or a common authority agency established under the authority of the law of the other state or the District of Columbia; or (a) a city, city, county, school district, local district, interlocal district or any other political subdivision of the state; (i) each entity participating in the cooperative acquisition enters into an agreement outlining the rights and obligations of each party; UTAH CODE ANN. No. 63G-6a-2104. Compliance by a purchasing entity, in accordance with the agreement, which others consider to be a correspondence by others. (a) set the effective date of the agreement; and (2) An agreement under subsection 1 only enters into force when it has been approved by each public body that is a contracting party, in accordance with the provisions of Section 11-13-202.5. (2) Where an agreement under paragraph 1 is required to be approved by the public body`s code, the resolution or regulation approving the agreement is the UTAH ANN code. Contracts between public bodies or with inter-local agencies for the provision of services, activities or businesses, facilities and improvements.

b) the acquisition entity bears the costs of the services provided in accordance with the agreement. 3. Before the agreement comes into force, the delegate or body that is required to approve an agreement under item 1 above submits the agreement to the lawyer with the authority to represent the public authority responsible for verifying the form and compliance of the applicable law.