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The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, to be adopted in Morocco, will be the first UN intergovernmental agreement covering all dimensions of international migration. Austria,[22] Australia,[23] Bulgaria,[24] Chile[25] Czech Republic,[26] Dominican Republic,[27] Estonia,[28] Hungary,[29] Italy,[3 0 Israel [31][32] Latvia,[33] Poland,[34] Slovakia[35] and Switzerland[36] did not attend an international conference in the Moroccan city of Marrakech to adopt the agreement. On The orders of President Trump, the United States was not involved in the negotiations of the agreement. [22] She said that the global pact contains nothing terribly innovative – and it has no teeth. In November 2018, Tagesspiegel criticised the Foreign Ministry for failing to explain why the final version of the pact was outsourced to the latest published draft, saying that the formulation of migration “could have a positive effect” on migration had “positive effects.” The Department of Foreign Affairs did not make a public statement at the time. [91] In enforcing Germany`s Freedom of Information Act, the newspaper received several documents until May 2019 showing that German diplomats had been put under pressure by nations that insisted on extreme demands, such as the commitment of the pact. Details of the talks had been removed from Foreign Ministry documents to damage Germany`s reputation as a reliable partner. In addition, the newspaper revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had made false or misleading statements to the press and the opposition, claiming that the negotiations on the pact in New York had been open to “interested public opinion”, which is not the case since parts of the pact were negotiated in closed meetings. [92] The United States was the first country to openly oppose the pact and the only country that did not sign the initial agreement on the pact in July.

“The biggest misunderstanding about the pact is that it extends new rights to migrants. It`s fiction. Conservative Prime Minister Andrew Scheer rebuked the pact this week, warning that it could lead to an erosion of Canada`s sovereign authority to make immigration decisions and exert inappropriate influence on the media. “What we have is: “We must now stop the migrants. We have to import computer scientists. It`s always in the next election cycle. What we need is long-term strategic planning and vision, and that is what states have negotiated with the global pact,” he said. The Global Compact is the first intergovernmental agreement, developed under the aegis of the United Nations, that covers all dimensions of international migration holistically and comprehensively. It is a non-binding document that respects the sovereign right of States to determine who enters and stays on their territory and commits to international cooperation in the field of migration. It provides an important opportunity to improve migration management, address the challenges posed by current migration and strengthen the contribution of migrants and migrants to sustainable development. The Global Compact is designed in a manner consistent with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda`s 10.7 target, in which Member States pledged to cooperate internationally to enable safe, orderly and regular migration.

The Global Compact is Designed: Dominican Republic: On December 4, 2018, the Dominican government defined its position on the Global Compact on Migration and established that the Dominican State would not sign the agreement, as reported by the executive`s legal adviser, Flavio Daro Espinal, at a press conference.