Supc Framework Agreement

Academia is proud to be a supplier to the latest version of ITRAP. Available to all regional university purchasing consortia (NEUPC, NWPC, APUC, LUPC, SUPC, HEPCW), this framework covers a wide range of products in the following categories: LUPC offers more than 100 delivery contracts to our members, but we do not offer them ourselves. We work closely with the other five regional HE purchasing consortia to enter into agreements and distribute them among all our affiliations, maximizing our resources and the portfolio of agreements we can offer. Universities Apple Computer Group (UACG) has launched a tender for the renewal of the Apple Higher Education framework agreement, which for 17 years has been the main supply channel for Apple devices for the UK HE sector. The good news is that academia has received the #1 ranking on the frame. W: and in early 2019, Jisc and Eduserv began working as an organization. The following links can be used to access more information about Jisc-led frameworks and Eduserv (Chest) software agreements. The Academia Group has obtained the framework agreement, which will start on July 1, 2019 until June 30, 2021, with extension periods of 2 x 1 years until June 30, 2023. The university believes in the benefits of collaborative purchasing and is a member of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC), which establishes framework purchase agreements for its members for its activities. Under directive 2004/18/EC, public sector organisations are required to use framework agreements for the use of public funds. Purchasing consortia are increasing the joint use of framework agreements to improve the efficiency of the sector. When involving suppliers, the university uses framework agreements as described above or establishes contracts for our tendering process.

If you want to be considered a potential supplier, we advise you to connect to the etendering system: Academia has received tickets for four lots of the License resellers agreement for the delivery of Adobe, VMware and other software. As the best-placed provider on adobe ETLA and other software-lots, institutions can directly reward Academia under the terms of the agreement. The contract is available to all regional university procurement consortia (NEUPC, NWPC, APUC, LUPC, SUPC, HEPCW). Software services such as cloud optimization services, cloud intelligence services, software asset management, training and all professional services related to products sold through other batches of this framework. Including limited advice on products provided under this agreement. This lot is subject to a 1% marketing premium. The original Apple HE agreement was launched in 2002 to provide a specific supply channel for all UK HE institutions at a time when demand for Apple devices was increasing and a growing number of major institutions were exceeding the tender values for Apple device purchases. The agreement has been very successful and is about to end with the third edition, which was the subject of a new tender in 2007 and 2011. It is currently in its final extension period before its new tender. Executives are allowed to work as supplier for Lot 1a and 1b for the supply and installation of furniture, including office, classroom, catering, reception, soft-seating, bistro and conference, and run until December 2019, with the potential for an additional two-year extension.

Our position as a formal framework provider allows us to continue to provide excellent service to our existing education clients, while offering our new customers our service and solutions offering.