Safe Restart Agreement Federal

“Air freight airlines are essential to the well-being and livelihoods of people living in remote communities. Funding for airlines so that the Government of Nunavut can support major travel and provide important goods is another example of how our government is committed to keeping all Canadians safe and healthy during this pandemic. ” – Marc Garneau, Ontario`s Minister of Transportation, will receive a total of $2 billion in assistance to meet the pressure of the municipal enterprise, social services such as emergency shelters and food banks, and the exceptional public health costs of managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Transit agencies in Ontario will receive up to $2 billion to meet the real financial pressures associated with COVID-19. The federal-provincial agreement to help Nova Scotians affected by COVID and revive the economy: With the agreement reached earlier this summer, the Canadian government announced more than $19 billion in federal funding to help provinces and territories safely revive the economy. The provinces and territories were asked in a letter how best to allocate these funds to their legal systems, based on their priorities. The premiers have now tabled the letters and federal funds are transferred to the provinces and territories. In March, Ontario amended its employment standards legislation to allow unpaid emergency leave for infectious diseases. This ensures that workers remain employed, even if they have more than 10 days off for certain reasons related to COVID-19. For example, employees who have to isolate themselves or isolate themselves and stay at home to care for children during school closures are covered. With this legislation, Ontario confirms that it has complied with the federal legal obligation to ensure that paid sick leave takes effect in the province, based on our understanding of the health-edability program proposed under the SRA. To continue to help us achieve our shared goal of increasing test quantities, Ontario is asking for federal support to prioritize and expedite Health Canada`s review and certification for innovative new testing approaches, with a focus on testing and testing technologies in Canada that are similar to other facilities.