Opseu Local 206 Collective Agreement

(a) The parties agree that there are issues that would be beneficial if they were discussed during the duration of this agreement at Employment Services Committee meetings to promote constructive and harmonious relations. The committee is composed of an equal number of representatives from each party and meets at a time and place satisfactory to both parties. A representative of OPSEU staff will participate in the EU`s request and the UNION will endeavour to give the employer 14 days. 2.06 The parties agree that the issue of categories of workers excluded in the three bargaining units can be discussed in collective bargaining between the parties, but that it should not be subject to collective bargaining or ongoing arbitration of interest under the Hospitals Labour Disputes Arbitration Act. 9.11 All agreements reached in the appeal procedure between representatives of the Centre, representatives of the Union and mourners are final and binding on the parties. 5.2 If a leave under Article 19 (paid leave) of the collective agreement coincides with a worker`s scheduled day off and does not work on that day, the worker is entitled to a bank transfer on that day instead of leave, the number of hours for a normal or normal extended working day in accordance with point 2 of this agreement. 40.02 In addition, part-time workers receive an hourly wage maintenance rate and, instead of all ancillary benefits (worker benefits, which are paid in whole or in part by the Centre in direct compensation or by any other means, including leave pay, savings and exclusion, vacation pay, child care allowance, recall, liability allowance, jury tax and witness tax, bereavement, maternity and additional parental allowances, amounting to 14% (14%) its normal hourly rate of even work for all hours paid. For part-time workers who are part of the centre pension scheme, the share of ancillary benefits is 12% (12%). 30.02 Before making changes to the enterprise policy affecting the workers covered by this agreement, the Centre will discuss the amendments with the Union and provide copies to the Union. 18.08 The employer reimburses workers for the cost of repairing and/or replacing clothing/personal property that has been directly damaged by the performance of the tasks entrusted by the employer. This agreement is subject to the following conditions: It goes without saying that both parties must agree to participate in centralized negotiations before joining the central negotiation process. All provisions relating to the local bargaining committee also apply to the Central Bargaining Committee The deadlines set out in this article are mandatory and strict compliance with these deadlines, except by the written agreement of the parties, leads to the complaint being considered abandoned. Job sharing can take place if there is an agreement between workers who wish to participate in the job, the Union and the employer.

The employer or employees may terminate the employment-sharing agreement with a period of ninety (90) days. Once this notification is received, a meeting will be held between the parties to discuss it. 5.1 Leave pay is calculated on the basis of the regular hourly rate of workers who, for a normal or normal extended day of work pursuant to Article 2 of the collective agreement, is the number of hours of entry and salary set in section 19 (paid public holidays) of the collective agreement.