Isv Partner Agreement

Both will slow you down and cause the agreement on revisions and revisions to stop. Melissa recommends talking to your Account Manager (PAM) partner to verify your app name and description before submitting them. To give you a starting point, she provided an example description. In the text printed in bold, you would place your own information: these are the advantages that you can use as a Progress partner depending on your level. And if you want to take it to the next level, Progress supports your efforts with the Rising Star program – designed to offer additional benefits to partners who aspire to progress. This week was the launch of the first part of our Road to the AppExchange Series. We cover the most important topics partners need to know to get launched on time on the AppExchange while enjoying the best of Dreamforce`19 and beyond. This series of 8 parts will run from June to October and you can find the full schedule here. For the first part of our series, we have an overview of the partnership agreement process with Salesforce. It is important that your partnership agreement is correct, as it creates the conditions for your placing on the market. And if you haven`t already crossed it, there are gotchas on the way that you can really slow down if you`re not careful. Elite partners, reserved for high-performing partners with a strategic relationship with Progress, contributed most strongly to Progress and the partner ecosystem during the year. Members have access to the highest resources and have the highest visibility.