Importance Of Working Agreements In Counselling

37. We will avoid continuing or pursuing relationships with former clients that could harm the client or impair the usefulness of the therapeutic work performed. We are aware that conflicts of interest and issues of power or dependency may persist even after the formal end of our employment relationship with a client, caregiver or apprentice. Therefore: a. we will exercise caution before entering into personal or business relationships with former customers. We avoid sexual or intimate relations with former clients or their loved ones. Exceptionally, such a relationship is allowed only after careful consideration in supervision and, as far as possible, after an interview with experienced colleagues or others who are concerned about the integrity of the consulting professions, if the consulting contract should not be a long document. It is usually a single page (two pages maximum) and contains a list of important points for creating a secure, confidential and professional orientation center. 33. We will define and maintain adequate professional and personal boundaries in our dealings with our customers, ensuring that:a. these limits are compatible with the objectives of the cooperation and are beneficial to the customer. All double or multiple relationships are avoided if the risk of damage to the customer outweighs the benefits to the customer. Care should be taken to separate and distinguish our personal and professional presence on social networks, when this could lead to harmful double relationships with customers.

The effects of double or multiple relationships are regularly reviewed within the surveillance and, where appropriate, discussed with clients. They can also be discussed with colleagues or managers in order to improve the integrity of the work done. A consulting contract ensures that the advisory process is conducted in an efficient, safe and professional manner and highlights the advisor`s responsibilities to clients as well as the client`s responsibilities to the advisor. An advisory contract is also a transparent basis for informed consent. 32. We will regularly check each client`s progress and, if possible, we will seek our client`s opinion on how we work together. 31. We will carefully consider how we enter into an agreement with customers and conclude contracts with them on the conditions under which our services are provided. This will be ensured: a. to conclude an agreement or contract that takes into account, as far as possible, the expressed needs and decisions of each client. Communicate the terms of the agreement or contract in a way that is easily understood by the customer and that corresponds to their context. clearly indicate how a customer`s confidentiality and privacy are protected and under what circumstances confidential or private information is passed on to others.

Provide a data set to the customer or easy access to a data set of what has been agreed e. . . .