Guam Programmatic Agreement

The agreement relates to ongoing military activities in the region that are not related to construction. Sen. Therese Terlaje stated that she was not satisfied with the current draft agreement and that she was concerned that the document was about to be finalized without public opinion or comprehensive data. After nearly two years of negotiations, the Guam State Historic Historic Preservation Office has released its draft agreement with the military, which sets out guidelines for the protection of cultural sites amid ongoing naval training and testing activities on the island. The agreement must also negotiate greater enforcement power for the Office of Pre-Conservation of State History and better address procedures for old discoveries on the basis, she said. This was an ongoing implementation problem and the development of this new agreement can be better taken into account. The 2009 programming agreement expired last year. The Guam State Historic Preservation Office and Ministry of Defence officials have been in talks since January 2019 to reach a new agreement that defines the navy`s responsibility to mitigate negative effects on historical and cultural sites during their training and testing activities. The Governor reiterated the demands of some senators to authorize a public position on the draft agreement even before its completion. Some notable differences in the recent agreement are: The governor of Guam is calling for a period of public comment, clearer language and other expert contributions to a new agreement with the army on the protection of the island`s historic monuments. “This proposed programming agreement represents the spirit of cooperation we share with our partners at GovGuam and (State Historic Preservation Office),” said Rear Adm.

John Menoni, commander of the Mariana Joint Region. “The new agreement will increase community awareness and understanding of military education and increase the protection of Guam`s historical and cultural resources, while ensuring that the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defence maintain the highest level of defence training and readiness in Guam and the region.” The governor also said that the Advisory Council for The Conservation of Monuments should be involved in the negotiations of the agreement “to provide independent advice on how best to preserve our historic resources.” In addition to the public opinion on the draft agreement, Terlaje asks the army to provide additional information before the agreement is reached. “I hope that the governor and the State Historic Preservation Office will not conclude this agreement without a community consensus,” Terlaje said Thursday. “I don`t think it`s an advantage.” October: New agreement between the army and GovGuam on the conservation goals of historical monuments East about to be concluded There is no timetable yet for the conclusion of the agreement, according to Krystal Paco-San Agustin, spokesman for adelup. The Mariana region did not speak at press time. Pending the signing of a new agreement, an interim document on the repetition of the 2009 agreement is in force. He said in December that he hoped to sign the agreement by March, after the agreement was subject to legal review. Senators: Lack of data, entry threatens a new military agreement The draft agreement is open to revision and taking public position until December 16. Residents can view the document under and send comments to by email.

“I think the project (programmatic agreement) should contain a particular language in terms of the mode of notification, the requirements of cultural sensitivity training (including for contractors) and procedures for resolving objections,” Gov. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said in a letter to Rear Adm. John Menoni, joined region Marianas Kommandant. “We need an agreement where we can protect the real estate to be protected,” Terlaje and one of the community concerned said.