Cea Room Rental Agreement

Hello, if the rental agreement mentions the repayment of the deposit within 14 days of handing over the keys, the owner can keep the money by breach of contract. Since there is a slight wear and tear for which a certain amount must be deducted from the deposit, as agreed by the owner during the preliminary inspection and final rebate. However, the owner maintains our deposit and simply does not respond after handing over the keys. What is the legal obligation, the owner can be sued for breach of contract Hello, May please advice. I`m a tenant with a 12-month lease. For work reasons, I intend to break the lease at the 6th month. But there is no penalty in my lease. Do I have to pay the remaining six months` rent, which I think is pretty unfair? Hello, 3 of my friends and I just signed a lease today with an agent because the owner is not in the country. We agreed that we would move on April 1.

We don`t live together and we still have to look for our replacements in our current places, so we need time. We also transferred the deposit to the owner`s bank account and paid taxes. But right now, the realtor told us that the owner`s son had accepted an offer from another person who moved in on March 1. Our problem is that we cannot do that and they are trying to convince us to move in on March 1. We settled everything and paid bail to imprison the unit. But the broker says that the lease we signed is not yet binding since the owner has not signed it. It`s true? What can we do to remedy this situation? Thank you in advance. I am a Malaysian who works at SG and commutes daily from JB to SG to work. I sometimes stay in SG, in my friend`s rented room (1-2 nights a month), if I work overtime. Your new landlord wanted to include my name in the rental agreement because I am considered a tenant if I spend the night in my friend`s room. I am concerned about the repetition of the signing of a legal and non-permanent contract to remain there.

I currently hold the work card. Could you find out if there is a risk of signing the TA? Thank you for your help. Hello, would like to ask if the tenant signed the room rental contract and paid 1 month deposit, but at the end of the tenant no show on the agreed date or after. The tenant himself did not ask for bail. Is this lease considered terminated? Hello, my tenant said that he resigned from his company because the employer refused to pay him a salary. For this reason, it gives 2 months noticed (Jan – Feb) to cancel the lease prematurely. First, he refused to pay for the noticed rent of 2 months because he said he had no money to pay. But he paid the 2 months` rent when he was told we wanted to evacuate them. I asked for a letter from his company to prove his resignation, but I received it until today.

The lease did not expire until mid-April 17, but he wanted to move in mid-March 17. If I gave him the deposit, if he did not have proof of termination and the real estate agent told me that the tenant had left for some job interviews, then I guess the tenants do not intend to return to his country. He may have rented another place cheaper, which is why he wants to terminate the contract earlier and he wanted to use the deposit to pay the rent, which is why he refused to pay the rent of the notice.