Asean Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

3.ORIGIN CRITERIA: For products that meet the original criteria, the exporter and/or manufacturer must state in box 8 of this form that the original criteria are met in the manner indicated in the following table: (a) if the products have already been submitted to the customs authority of the specified import portion, the AIFTA certificate of origin is confirmed by the competent authorities and the importer`s original, at the importer`s written request, for all or part of the products. (ii) the origin of the product complies with the rules. (a) for the purposes of the application of item (a), the AIFTA certificate of origin must be submitted to the importing party`s competent customs authority. The name and address of the exhibition must be indicated, a certificate issued by the competent authority of the party where the exhibition took place, and a certificate issued in accordance with paragraph 20, point d). (iii) the validity of AIFTA`s certificate of origin is the same end date as the original AIFTA certificate; ✔ Make sure you are a registered manufacturer at Singapore Customs if you are considering applying for CO with Singapore Customs. ✔ become familiar with the original criteria of your products (the criteria may vary depending on the free trade agreement and the preference scheme). ✔ verify that the Singapore products you wish to apply for preferential CO are manufactured in Singapore and meet the required criteria of origin in accordance with the applicable free trade agreements and preferential regimes. ✔ make sure that the materials or components that you have classified as Singapore origin in your cost report are actually manufactured in Singapore. ✔ ensure that manufacturing cost declarations sent to Singapore Customs are correct and up-to-date.

Let Singapore Customs know if any changes are being made to your production methods and calculations. Renew your manufacturing expense report 2 months before the expiry date. ✔ ensure that CO covers all items for which preferential tariff treatment must be applied. ✔ keep copies of the preferential/original declaration and all supporting documents based on the period specified in the respective free trade agreements. ✔ Send your staff to Singapore Customs Academy courses, especially SC103 (Rules of Origin/Free Trade Agreements) and OP002 (Outreach for Newly Registered Manufacturers). ✔ cooperate with Singapore Customs to request document checks or access to your production site. ✔ have clear procedures for informing Singapore Customs if a possible error in the original declaration is discovered.